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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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 Physical Evidence of an Extraterrestial Craft?



 Geologist Frank Kimbler, visiting the debris site on the former Brazel Ranch, found an interesting bit of material using a metal detector; the material was buried a few inches underground.  Designated AH-1, Kimbler has had tests done by a certified lab on the metal which indicate either there was an error in analysis, or the material is not from the earth!   Kimbler says he needs two more tests by certified labs (which are expensive) that come to the same result before he can safely say he has a piece of an extraterrestial spacecraft!  Kimbler is hopeful, but not jumping to conclusions--he says it could be nothing more than a piece of beer can.



The following photos are provided by Geologist Frank Kimbler who found several bits of anomalous metal at the debris field of the Roswell Crash. 



The metal piece known as AH-1; the fragment on the right has been subjected to tests that either show that an error in analysis has been made by the certified lab, or else, the metal orginated from off-world (i.e. is extraterrestial).  Two more tests need to be run--if both come to the same result as the first, then the metal fragment is definitiely extraterrestrial. 




Photo provided by Frank Kimbler


A closer look at the fragment AH-1--the piece shows signs of trauma and melting that would be expected in an explosion. 

Photo provided by Frank Kimbler 


A microscopic look at layering and strata found in AH-1; Kimbler says he has never seen anything like this before. 


Photo provided by Frank Kimbler


An Isotopes chart showing that everything that originates on Earth hugs closely to the dashed line.  As an off-world example, the Chondrite is a meteorite and is found off the line.  Kimbler's metal piece, AH-1 is found far from the line, suggesting it to be exterrestial in origin. 


GGraph provided by Frank Kimbler

The three metal buttons Kimbler found on the debris field--possibly from military unfiorms from service men who were scouring the surface of the debris field, attempting to pick up every last bit and piece of the UFO wreckage in 1947.  The penny is provided for size reference.



Photo provided by Frank Kimbler


Frank Kimbler and myself following his lecture at the 2011 Roswell UFO Festival, entitled "Roswell Artifacts".   



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