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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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Area 51

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Photos from October, 2011

The beginning of Hwy 375, the Extraterrestial Highway.  Groom Lake Rd is about 20 miles north; Rachel is 40 miles away. Photo taken Oct. 27, 2011. 



Reserve Your Room in Las Vegas, NV 

Rachel, NV (about 150 miles from Las Vegas), is home to the Little Aleinn.  For being so remote, a number of people visit here daily--locals, and tourists.  
Samantha was tending bar and running operations during our visit to the Little Aleinn.  Photo taken Oct. 26, 2011.  
An old tow truck hauling away an old flying saucer.  


The Little Aleinn is famous!  People come from all around the world to visit the bar, restaurant, motel and gift shop each year due to its connection with Area 51!


A flying saucer monument located between the inn and the motel lights up at night--providing a beacon for several miles for travelers on the Extraterrestial Hwy. 

Another view of the flying saucer as it changes colors during the night.  
 This monument, placed in commemoration of the filming of ID4 (Independence Day) is a time capsule.  

The monument reads:  "On the eighteenth day of Apri, A.D. 1996, Twentieth Century Fox hereby dedicates this time capsule and beacon for visitors from the distant stars, to the State of Nevada and the 'Extraterresital Highway.'  This time capsule will serve as a beacon, to be opened in the year A.D. 2050, by which time interplanetary travelers shall be regular guests of our planet Earth." 

Here I am at the Little Aleinn waiting to eat breakfast.  


The bar of the Little Aleinn.  On the ceiling are hundreds of dollar bills with the names of visitors to the Little Aleinn with the dates they were there. 

Signage on the side of the building, 
 Could aliens be from another dimension?  Are they time travelers? 
 Another view of the tow truck with the flying saucer. 
I'm next to the sign--5 years after the first visit (see below). 
Welcome to Rachel!  
 The Little Aleinn is home to one of the few Pac Man arcade games that can still be found! 


One last look at the friendly confines of the Little Aleinn before venturing out to Area 51! 

The famous "Black Mailbox"--which, is now white ... but still called the "Black Mailbox."  This is one of the favorite places for skywatchers to view aerial activites over Area 51. 
About 9 miles west of Rachel (on a nearby dirt road) is the "Back Gate" to Area 51,  As can be seen in this photo, there is actually a gate to keep the public out--unlike the Main Entrance on Groom Lake Road. 
After traveling 11-miles down Groom Lake Rd, if travelers keep an eye on the nearby hills, one will see signs of Area 51 security--waiting to arrest the unwitting trespasser!  
There are no gates at the Groom Lake Road entrance ... just two small signs; the road turns from dirt to pavement--and this is the indicator where the base boundary begins.  Go one inch past the signs, and security is waiting to pounce! 

This sign has another sign pasted over it.  The one underneath allegedly read "Deadly Force Authorized." 

As Robyn and I drove up to the warning signs, the security vehicle changed positions to keep watch.  Fortunately, after a few minutes of picture taking, they were on their way back to the Extraterrestial Hwy with no interaction with base security.  Watch the video below for the exciting drive to the base boundary 



Photos from May, 2006 

Nevada State Route 375--otherwise known as the Extraterrestial Highway.  The road runs 98 miles through a lonely section of Nevada desert, skirting along Area 51 and passing through Rachel, NV. 
I'm at Coyote Summit near Area 51 (one of the places to spend the night looking for UFOs).  May 29, 2006.   
The Little Ale'inn in Rachel, NV (an alien doll is peering at us through the window).  Having spent the night at Coyote Summit, it was 6:00 A.M. and the restaurant was not open; Jay and his daughter were in a hurry to get back to Las Vegas for breakfast at Circus Circus, so, no inside pictures THIS TIME.   

Jay at the Little Ale'inn showing a drawing suggesting that the aliens may not actually come from outer space, but from another dimension. 


Jay at a plaque commemorating the filming of the 1996 movie Independence Day (ID4). 


Robyn next to a tow truck towing a flying saucer.

 Robyn next to another flying saucer in Rachel. 
The actual road (Groom Lake Road) into Area 51.  About where the road turns and disappears is where base security are located.  The distance seen here is about eleven miles. 


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