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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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Aztec Crash--March 25, 1948

On March 25, 1948, a flying saucer is said to have made a controlled-crash landing on top of this mesa in Hart Canyon, about 12 miles northeast of Aztec, NM.  Fourteen or more aliens died and radar was alleged to be the cause of the crash--however, a hole in a glass porthole may have been the cause of sudden decompression.  The crew was reported as badly burned.



Stay in Farmington, NM 

This is a view of Hart Canyon from the top of the mesa were the UFO crash-landed--looking towards Aztec some 12 miles distant.  The UFO crash recovery was carried out by the Interplanteary Phenomenon Unit; following the bungled crash retrieval at Roswell, this retrieval was kept totally secret.  The saucer, which was 99.99 feet in diameter, was disassembled and trucked to Los Alamos. 

In this photo, a concrete platform speculated for use to steady a crane in the UFO recovery operation. Frank Scully in Behind the Flying Saucers recoumted the Aztec tale via informants Silas Newton and Leo Gebauer, alleged to be a couple of con-men. Because of this, many researchers feel the Aztec crash is a hoax.  Diligent research by William Steinman, Leonard Stringfield and Scott Ramsey, have established credibility for the story.  

A close-up of the concrete platform--the hole is from a core sample taken by researcher Scott Ramsey in the early 2000's as he tried to date the material to that used in the 1940's.  The cement mix was used with the surrounding dirt to make the slab.  The recovery operation took the military about two weeks to complete.     

This area is believed to be the main crash site where the saucer came to rest--located about 200 yards west from the concrete slab and not far from the edge of the mesa.  It is intereresting that no trees are found in this clearing; and that other nearby trees show signs of damage and being broken--64 years after the event.

Here I am at the plaque set up by Scott and Suzanne Ramsey commemorating the Aztec crash and retrieval.  The crash site is located behind me.  The area is now covered with mountain bike trails (one which can been seen in the left side of the photo).    

Gil at the plaque, pointing to the clearing in the background reported to be the crash site.

Vernon, Robyn, myself and Gil, taking a moment for picture in the center of the crash site--claiming our part in UFO history and lore. 

Vernon, Gil and John at the Aztec crash site.  Beside's Scully's book, William Steinman and Col. Wendelle Stevens wrote UFO Crash at Aztec, and Scott and Suzanne Ramsey have just published a new book on the case in 2012.  Timothy Good devotes a section to the Aztec crash in his book, Above Top Secret.


A view of the Aztec plaque and the crash site in the background. 


The plaque placed by UFO researchers Scott and Suzanne Ramsey--giving some of the details of the Aztec UFO crash in Hart Canyon. 





Vernon was the first to locate the plaque--off in the distance in the background of this photo.  Having never been to the area before, we spent about a half hour trapsing around looking for something identifable.  We found the concrete slab first, and then a few minutes later, Vernon located the actual crash site.


Looking along the edge of the mesa from where the crash site is located.  Vernon and John are the two figures off in the distance.

Vernon and Robyn at the crossroads of two trails--about halfway between the cement slab and the crash site. 

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