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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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Life Summary


I  was born in Salem, Oregon in 1959--I spent my first year there and then my parents moved to California, where I stayed for 29-years; grew up there--and so, I consider California my home state.   I've lived all over California:  the Bay Area, Round Mountain and Redding, Sacramento, Palm Springs, Banning, Hemet, San Diego.  I've lived on the coast, in the mountains and in the desert. 


When I left California to live in Arizona in 1989, it took a little adjusting--but I thought Arizona was a wonderful state too, having a wide variety of things to explore!  I had pride in being a Calfornian, but found that I could take pride in living elsewhere, as well.  Besides California and Arizona, I've lived in TexasLouisiana, and now, New Mexico--and each has provided new and unique experiences which I feel have benefitted greatly in my life.  

My Senior picture in the PSHS yearbook

Yes, my parents bounced around California a lot, but it wasn't like I was starting a new school every year.  In fact, I stayed at Alvarado Elementary School in the Bay Area for  four years, attending kindergarten through 3rd grade--and then we moved just a few miles up the road, and I went to a different school.  We lived one year in Round Mountain where a lot of family lives on my dad's side, and then spent two years in Redding; and then we made the long trek south to spend  five years in the Palm Springs area--going to Nellie N Coffman Junior High for two years and Palm Springs High School for three.  I was in the PSHS Class of 1977--in fact, our class had a 32-year reunion on October 24, 2009 at the Zoso Hotel in Palm Springs (it was a gathering in which most of the classmates had turned age 50--and for me, it was the very first time I had ever been notified of a high school reunion; I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to attend).



At age 15, I decided my career was to become a radio disc jockey; thanks to Sychronicity, Palm Springs High School began offering the Riverside Occupational Program for Radio Broadcasting--what luck!  However, you had to be 16 to be in the program; somebody overlooked this prerequisite and I was in!  During the summer before my senior year, I was working as a parttimer and weekender at KPSI, 1450 AM and continued to do so when school started.  After graduation, I began attending Mt. San Jacinto Community College in San Jacinto, CA--however, by then I was working full-time and decided that I was already in the career of my choice and was learning everything from the inside, and so I dropped out of college. 



 Here I am at the control console of KXAM AM1310 in Phoenix, AZ in 1991. 

In the News Room at KIKO 1340 AM in Globe, AZ in early 1996 

I worked in radio for a total of 22-years--mostly in small markets (which were the most fun--you did everything--but there was little money to be made); the best radio position I ever landed was at KXAM 1310 AM in Phoenix from 1990 to 1993--I got paid an ridiculous amount of money for doing almost nothing--working less than 36 hours a week!  Thinking back to that time ... those were the "good ol' days"!    It was at about this time I began to make the switch over to a news reporter--and the last few radio jobs I held were either as a news reporter or as a new director.  My last radio job (KBZE--"The Breeze") ended on Mardi Gras in 1998 while living in Morgan City, LA; the owner and I had a disagreement and I walked out--never to return to radio again. 


In 1980, I was married to Melinda in Hemet, CA while I worked at KHSJ 1320 A.M.  I wanted to get married on Friday the 13th, but she would have nothing to do with that, so I had to settle for Saturday the 14th.  Over 14-years of marriage we had four kids--Vernon, Krystal, Robyn and Chauntel.  We divorced when they were all very young; Vernon and Robyn lived with me, and Krystal and Chauntel lived with mom.  Eventually, we found our family living on opposite ends of the country for a while. 



In  February 1996, I moved to Austin, TX to be with Suzy; we soon moved  north  to Copperas Cove were we lived five months, Suzy then decided to move back to Arizona (without me), and I moved east to Louisiana (a place I had wanted  to go for a very long time!).  Suzy and I did have a son from that brief co-habitation--his name is Ian.


I loved the cypress swamps, the bayous and the Cajuns!  For a while, I found myself in paradise.  Within a month after leaving Texas, I had another radio job in Morgan City (KFXY "Foxy 96" 96.7 FM) and Vernon, Robyn and I lived there for a little over six years.  When I got out of radio (working then at KBZE 105.9 FM), I turned to security guard work as a temporary job--which ended up lasting seven years!


Finally, after moving to New Mexico in 2002, I was able to get out of security guard work and was hired by the Human Services Dept. of the State of New Mexico--and that's where I've been ever since.


I had never lived in New Mexico, but after having lived in the South for so long, it felt like I was coming home!  The Western mentality is a bit more liberal than the Southern.


My first grandchild, Lauren, was born in September 2008; she is Krystal's daughter.  I thought I'd resist the idea of becoming a grandparent--the thought of becoming old--but, I think I adjusted to it quite quickly--it isn't an issue at all.  My second granddaughter, Emily, was born in October, 2011 (also Krystal's daughter). 






  Melinda at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire--August, 1986

                               Agoura Hills, CA





My youngest daughter, Chauntel, is expecting her first child in November of 2013.


I love to watch movies; in fact, you will probably notice a lot of references to various films on this website while looking at the photographs.  Currently, I have a movie collection that is well over a thousand DVDs and a much more modest Blu-ray library.


For many years, I studied the Bible (I've read it eleven times!) and philosophical writings; my favorite philosophers are Friedrich Nietzsche and Marcus Aurelius; I'm also quite fond of the writings and ideas of C.G. Jung.  I've also studied a number of religious writings besides the Bible, such as the Tao Te Ching, the Bhagavad Gita, the Koran, the Nag Hammadi, the Jewish and Christian Apocrypha, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Upanishads, and others. 


Other things I enjoy include walking and hiking.  My son, Vernon, has an interest in hiking the Appalachian Trail some day--when I was 40, I had the same desire hit me!   The longest hike I've ever made is from the Palm Springs Tram to the top of Mt. San Jacinto, so hiking 2,000 miles from Georgia to Maine would be quite an experience!   If I did something like that, however, it would have to wait until I'm retired; it would also take

a lot of preparation.






                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Suzy and I in Copperas Cove, TX in May, 1996.   



One of the things I enjoy the most, however, is driving ... going to see places.  I have to get out of town fairly often--whether I'm driving to Las Vegas, NV, or just driving to check out something close by here in our state, I think I'm the happiest when I'm driving and watching the countryside go by!


Over the years ...

 News Reporter in Globe-Miami, AZ.

Security guard in Morgan City in 1997, 

Albuquerque resident in November, 2002. 

In Aexandria, LA --Jan. 2000.

Looking "coon-ass" in Galveston, TX--May 1996.

70 lbs lighter in the  Albuquerque Bosque, June 2007.



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