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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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Chinese Culture Center


These photos are from the Years of:

Rabbit (2011)

Tiger (2010)

OX (2009)--video

Rat (2008)


Master Charles Lin starts the celebration by hitting the gong.



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The Dragon makes its entrance--chasing the pearl--this one from the Year of the Rat. 

The Dragon from another year's celebration.

 A close-up of the Dragon. 

The Dragon makes its entrance from the temple at the very beginning and then goes back inside until the grand finale.


The Flag Dance from the Year of the Ox.


The Flag Dance requires some athleticism.


 Running in a circle.


The pretty butterly makes her entrance.


The butterfly does her dance, flapping her beautiful wings.

 The Ribbon Dance. 
The ribbons act like snakes in the air, following the contours of each dancer';s motion.  

 The Monk dances with Lions--the protectors and guardians.

 Lions during their dance. 

The Chinese Culture Center prior to the Year of the Rat celebration.

Prior to the start of the Year of the Ox.  

The Monkey King and drummers.


 The Feeding of the Lions.


 Feed the Lions for good luck.


The Monkey King tries to feed some greens to the Lion, but he is afraid.


The Monk feeds a Lion--he uses a long pole to keep some distance from the Lion.


A Tai Chi demonstration with Master Lin leading the group.

A martial arts demonstration with swords. 

Another fighting technique using a weapon.


The Fan Dance.  Fans can be used as a weapon.


 The Grand Finale--wherre everyone comes out at the same time--even the Dragon!


The Dragon, the Lions and everyone else received their applause--next comes the fire crackers!


Master Charles Lin and his wife speak with a camera man from Channel 7.

Annette at the Year of the Rabbit (2011) celebration.  
These videos are from the Year of the Ox celebration.   The Dragon--still being teased by the pursuit of the pearl, makes its grand finale entrance.  
The Lions gather for the finale. 
The end of the celebration concludes with 12,500 fire crackers going off! 

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