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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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Chuck Wade

UFO resarchers Chuck and Nancy Wade at the Frontier Restaurant in Albuquerque on December 10, 2011.  Chuck visited with me for a couple of hours, discussing the several flying disk crashes that are rumored to have occurred in New Mexco during the late 1940s.  Chuck's father owned Wade's Bar in Corona, the venue where ranch foreman Mac Brazel brought pieces of the UFO wreckage he found at the now famous Roswell debris field.



Chuck and Nancy brought with them pieces of alleged UFO wreckage excavated from a crash location on the Plains of San Agustin; I was also gifted with an out-of-print book written by researcher Art Campbell about the San Agustin crash.  You can learn more about Chuck Wade at his website--about the lab testing of his UFO debris, the film festival, alternative energy, UFO Conference appearances, and other activities:  



It's All About Radar .....


Several UFOs (or flying disks) are reported to have crashed in New Mexico in 1947 and '48.  According to an FBI memo written by Special Agent in Charge, Guy Hottel, to the Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, dated March 20, 1950, the Air Force reported that three flying saucers had been recovered with their occupants as of that time; the vehicles crashed due to high-powered radar that interfered with the control of the vehicles.  During our visit, Wade pointed out three of those radar locations on a map, all within the vicinity of one of the crash sites:  Roswell, Horse Springs on the Plains of San Agustin and Aztec.  Wade suggested that due to the sensitive and secretive projects under development in New Mexico (with Los Alamos and Sandia Labs, as well as White Sands Missile Range and Kirtland Air Force Base), its possible the US military brought the saucers down intentionally (once it was discovered that radar affected their ability to function).  One of the stories concerning the Roswell Crash was how quickly the military responded from Walker Air Force Base to Sheriff George Wilcox's call to inform them of Mac Brazel's find (it seemed they arrived at the office before he had put the phone dlown).  The situation seems to indicate the military was already in a recovery operation with the main part of a downed spacecraft (but were unaware of the wreckage of the debris field located about 70 miles northwest of Roswell).  The military was already on the scene due to the defensive and aggressive use of radar.  Wade also suggests that another crash occurred near San Antonio, New Mexico (not long after the first atom bomb detonation) and still, there's the possiblity of even another, near Las Cruces.       




The FBI memo released through the Freedom of Information Act regarding three flying saucer crashes (Roswell, Horse Springs and Aztec?).


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