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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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Dulce is located near the Colorado border; it is the government seat for the Jicarilla Apaches.  For decades, it has been rumored that a joint U.S. goverment-extraterrestial genetics lab is based under Archuleta Mesa (behind Dulce Rock--the mountain seen in the photo).  The area has been notorious for cattle mutilations.  A UFO conference was recently held here featuring locals who have been eye-witnesses to some strange things! 



Reserve Your Vacation in Cuba, NM 

I wanted a picture of this rock outcropping which is on NM 537 on the way to Dulce.  This stretch of road has allegedly been a UFO hotspot in the past; and its reported numerous cattle mutilations have occurred along 537 as well.  Gil and I took a ride to Dulce on September 26, 2009--it was such a beautiful Fall day.  I just wanted to see the area first-hand after hearing stories about the place for years.  
The Apache Nugget Casino is owned by the Jicarilla Apaches; it is located at the intersection of U.S. 550 and NM 537--about 50 miles south of Dulce.  Another small casino is operated at the Best Western Jicarilla Inn & Casino in Dulce.  On our last visit to Dulce, we noted that the community had a number of new schools and government buildings; with the community being so remote, it's difficult to believe that the two small casinos, along with tourism, oil and forrestry revenue, helped to build such beautiful builings.  It made us wonder about the rumor of the US Government leasing land under Archuleta Mesa for a base?   
The Apache Nugget Casino sign along U.S. 550--at night in the remote, flat expanse, it can be seen for miles. 

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