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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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My long lost friend, Charlene.  We first met at the Pentacostal Church of God in Banning, CA. when we were still in high school (she attended Banning High School--I went to Palm Springs High)--I moved out of the district (wuth permission) to the City of Banning before graduating.  We had some great times back then!  Charlene now lives in Missoula, Montana--and in September, 2015, I made the 1100 miles drive to see her for the first time in 36 years!  My first meal in Montana was an elk burger--never could find a grizzly bear or moose burger though!  We spent many hours talking and catching-up on our experiences since we last saw each other.  It was a wonderful reunion!


Gil .... I've known this guy since 1983--we've been involved in a lot of adventures and misadventures (too many to mention here--but they may get mentioned elsewhere on this site); as a hobby, and www.neonparadise.netare just two of our collaborations within recent years.  And, Gil must be given credit for helping to get my life straightened out--he convinced me to move to Albuquerque and I guess this is where I needed to come because everything fell in place after that!  Gil's personal website: In this photo, Gil is outside the Andrew Jackson Hotel in the French Quarter.


Annette and I became acquainted in late 2007; we've gone out and I've enjoyed her company.  Annette is a wonderful woman to know; she's the Matriarch of her family and the foundation on which everyone depends.  Annette loves to cook and her signature dishes (at least the ones I know) are posole and green chili stew--both are supreme!  And, if there is a color or jewel that would personify Annette, it would be the emerald (though, she loves the color red).  In this picture, Annette is on Sandia Crest overlooking Albuquerque.


Kristy is an accountant and photographer who lives in Las Vegas, NV.  I met Kristy on facebook when she was working at the Las Vegas Mob Experience at the Tropicana; she gave me a free, personal tour of the LVME a few days before it was open to the public.  Kristy loves NASCAR and enjoys races at the Las Vegas Speedway. And I dare not leave out mentioning her "boys"--Kristy loves her dogs.  In this photo, Kristy is in the casino at Bally's. 



Steve was a long-lost friend--I hadn't been in contact with him for ten years--when I suddenly learned through Suzy's Facebook that he was appearing at the Poe Show in Phoenix performing "Double Deadly Lenore" on January 16, 2010!; Suzy was attending and I asked her to help me reconnect with him!  What a small world.  Steve is one of my favorite people; during the darkness of the late '90s, I eagerly awaited letters from Steve which helped ignite my philosphical imagination and creative process.  Steve was an integral part of our group in Mesa, AZ during the early '90s.   We've had some great experiences together!  Steve loves poetry and scorpions; he's married and is currently working on a Bachelor's degree in IT and works in Support for hospitality software for hotels and restaurants.

Melinda is the only woman to whom I've been married; she is the mother of Vernon, Krystal, Robyn and Chauntel.  Melinda has two other children from another relationship, and is currently married to Erik.  Melinda is a phenomenal artist--one of the best!  Her drawings are awesome and she's dabbling in jewelry making. 

Suzy is Ian's mother--they live in Mesa, AZ; Suzy's husband is named Bill.  Suzy is an ordained miniter, is a writer, is beginnig a spiritual consulting service, and runs a spiritual devotional group called St. Brigid of the Desert.  Suzy has many talents--including being an artist--she has many irons in the fire and stays busy.   


Bob is a former co-worker; he retired in 2009 and since we no longer work together, I can put him exclusively in the "friend" column now.  But, I still miss seeing Bob at work.  Bob and I talk about cameras a lot--he's very knowledgeable about cameras and photography and has made me more aware about a great many things--particularly about buying cameras and taking good pictures.  Bob is also probably good at providing advice on how to get rid of STDs, but I won't mention that here.  Update:  Bob and I got together for lunch at Little Anita's Restaurant on April 17, 2014!  Bob is looking great ... and he's enjoying retirement!  Thanks for buying lunch, Bob!  It will be my treat next time!  In this photo, Bob sitting across the table from me at the restaurant. 


Kathy is a wild cat in many ways; knowing her over the years certainly made life interesting (and, at times, aggravating); I met Kathy through Steve.  Kathy is a botanist and used to work at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.  2009 saw some major changes in Kathy's life--mostly for the good.  Kathy was a major inspiration for me during the dark years of the late '90's and first couple of years of the new millenium; she helped spark creativity in thought and writing.   For many years, we kept in very close contact through phone calls and e-mails--and have enjoyed several visits together in both Morgan City and Albuquerque.  It is Kathy's untamed spirit and intellectual depth that I find most exciting about her!   I'm privileged to say that I got to know Kathy on many different levels resulting in a very special and rare-type of friendship.  

Photo by Ann Owen


Ross is a classmate from Palm Springs High School; we took radio broadcasting together; prior to a brief lunchtime visit on July 23, 2008 at the Excalibur in Las Vegas (where Ross was working  in the telephone switch room--employed by NEC), I hadn't seen  Ross for 31-years!   My daughters Robyn and Chauntel and myself were treated to a tour of the underground support and logistics labyrinth that exists underneath Excalibur that keeps the resort functioning.  Ross also repairs the phone systems of other hotels on the Las Vegas Strip; he is one of several PSHS classmates who lives in Las Vegas.   I look forward to visiting more with Ross on subsequent trips to my favorite city.  In this photo, Ross is giving the "thumbs-up" at Dick's Last Resort inside Excalibur in Las Vegas.


I just reconnected with Rodney (October, 2009), who during the last fifteen or so years, has become a fundamentalist, born-again Christian--in fact, he is a minister.  Rodney lives a very spartan life--living usually in a tent, and riding a bicycle across Arizona preaching the Word of God.  At the time this picture was taken, Rodney was staying at a church in Golden Shores, AZ and we were passing through there and visited with him for a while.  Rodney is interested in the Rainbow Tribes and hangs out with them some times; click here for his MySpace page:


Rodney is also a clown:  Normal t. Joey, a magician and a juggler--a man of many talents--but he is very serious about preaching the Gospel and getting souls saved.


Dorian is no longer alive--and the way he died was quite the shock!  If it hadn't been for Dorian, I probably wouldn't be alive right now; he took me off the street in 1994 and helped me at a time I couldn't even help myself.  Dorian and I met through the publication NightScapes in 1992; one never knows when the Universe will bring the right person along through whatever conveyance to fulfill a specific function in somebody's life.  Dorian was the very essence of the "Mad Scientist"--he experimented with high voltage electricity in order to open doorways into other dimensions; he also liked to make explosives (which got him in a lot of trouble with the Feds).  Dorian was a gentle and timid man; he was also wealthy.  But, the recent world recession made his portfolio take a major hit which caused him great distress; he felt suicide by cop was the right decision and provoked a stand-off with Tucson police in his front yard on August, 11, 2009; he was killed at 9:00 P.M. 


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