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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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9th Annual Gallup UFO Film Festival
(October 19 & 20, 2012)
The El Morro Theater located on Coal Street in downtown Gallup, NM, was built in 1928 in Spanish Colonial Revival architecture.  For the past nine years, it has been the home of the Gallup UFO Film Festival. 

Search Room Rates in Gallup 

The theater has been renovated and can seat  471 people with a balcony that can hold 120.  The stage is 32 feet wide by 21 feet deep.  

The 2012 edition of the film festival had UFO abductee Travis Walton as the featured speaker; Friday night, Oct. 19 2012 was a free showing of Fire in the Sky.  On Saturday night, three UFO films were presented along with an hour and a half presentation by Walton and Steve Pierce relating the events of November 5, 1975.


The box office of the El Morro.  The film festival featured three documentaries:  Crossroads from Another Dimension (2005) by Norwegian filmmaker Terje Toftenes; 1979's UFO Syndrome; and the SyFy Channel's "Paranormal Witness" epsode on the Travis Walton abduction (said to be, by both Walton and Pierce, to be the most accurate depiction of the Walton abduction to date).


Myself and Steve Pierce just before the show starts.


Film festival founder and UFO researcher Chuck Wade (holding metal from an alleged UFO crash from the Plains of San Agustin) and Steve Pierce.


An autographed poster from Travis Walton to Chuck Wade at the entrance to the theater.

A close-up of the Walton autograph. 

Travis Walton (left) and Steve Pierce on stage detailing the events and location of Walton's abduction in the White Mountains of Arizona in November, 1975.


Walton (left) listens to Pierce describe the ordeal that he and the five other members of Mike Rogers' timber-clearing crew went through while Walton was missing for five days; law enforcement and public opinion suspected them of having murdered Walton and leaving his body in the woods.


UFO researcher Chuck Wade enjoying the fruits of his labor.


Discussing UFO research at the Coffee House following the film festival are Chuck Wade and Art Campbell (author of "UFO Crash at San Agustin").  Campbell was an investigator for NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) and worked with Donald Keyhoe.  The piece of metal on the table is alleged to be from a crashed flying saucer.


Wade and Campbell continuing their discussion.  


The informal gathering at the nearby Coffee House following the film festival:  Chuck Wade is in the foreground; behind him is UFO researcher Art Campbell; Travis Walton at the rear; Robyn, and Steve Pierce (black cowboy hat). 


El Morro Theater at night.