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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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 12th Annual Gallup UFO Film Festival 
 (October. 23 & 24, 2015)

Civil Engineer and UFO researcher Chuck Wade was one of the speakers at the 2015 Gallup UFO Film Festival at the El Morro Theater.  The topic was "Seven UFO Crashes and Retrievals in New Mexico 1945-1948."   This was the backdrop on stage--the photo is from Wade's website.   Among other films and lectures during the two day event, there was a re-showing of "Crossroads of Dimensions" (a crop circle film) from the 2012 festival, as well as a return of UFO abductee Travis Walton (with a new film of his abduction experience).   Also shown was "What on Earth?  Inside the Crop Circle Mystery." 


A very provocative film, featuring a video presentation by Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of National Defense, was played on Saturday afternoon prior to Wade's presentation.  Hellyer's lecture was part of the 2013 Starworks UFO Symposium.  In his lecture, Hellyer pronounced Philip Corso's book, "The Day After Roswell" as true, and also detailed the aliens/US Government  meeting and the working out of an alien/human swap where a crew of military personnel were taken to the Planet Serpo in Zeta Reticuli.  Hellyer also states at least four species of aliens have  been visiting Earth for over a thousand years.  The title of Hellyer's presentation was "UFOs are as Real as Airplanes."

In this photo, Chuck Wade is beginning his talk about the seven UFO Crashes that have occurred in New Mexico.  


This map shows the UFO crash sites in New Mexico (including the Aztec UFO hard-landing of 1948).

Some of the "foil" debris that Wade found at the Plains of San Agustin UFO Crash site. 

A magnified piece of UFO wreckage showing the elements of which its composed.

Chuck Wade and Anthony DellaFlora prior to the viewing of DellaFlora's film, "High Strange New Mexico."  DellaFlora, the Producer, shot the film while working for The Albuquerque Journal in the '90s.   The film was completed for showing during the 50th Anniversary of the Roswell UFO Crash in 1997 at the UFO Festival.  The film was later edited twice and had its final release in 2002.  It won the 17th Annual UFO Congress Film Award. 

DellaFlora describing how the film was made and what the audience can expect to see.  To view a clip of the film, click on this link:


To learn more about this film (and others) and buy a copy of "High Strange New Mexico", click on this link:


Clifford Mahooty, a Zuni Elder, is introduced to the audience on Saturday afternoon before the viewing of a video of his lecture at the International UFO Congress in Phoenix, AZ in 2015.  Mahooty was the first lecturer on the first day out of five days of lectures.  In the lecture, Mahooty described how his people have interacted with the Star People throughout their history--equating their deities with extra terrestrials.  In fact, abductions by the Kachinas (messengers) of humans beings have been happening among the Zunis for centuries,  Mahooty says the Four Corners area is a hot spot for UFOs, Bigfoot and other paranormal events.

Friday night speaker David Shoemaker (who likes to be called "Wizard") mixes Ufology with Magick--here in his hand is Wizard's magick wand.  Wizard states his goal is to help people metamorph into a higher state of being; he sees no contradiction in working with ET's and Magick, since Native Americans have been doing it for millennia.  Wizard says he's never been abducted because only those who are afraid are abducted.   Wizard has lived many lives, and says that he was first born 250,000 million years ago. 
Wizard invited the audience to come up to the stage and view the artifacts he brought with him first had--including pieces of a crashed-UFO in Missouri that occurred about three days after the Roswell incident--Wizard wouldn't give out the exact location in Missouri, though.  Also on view were photographs of the cash retrieval as well as the magick wand. 
Interest was high among the audience attendees for seeing Wizard's items.  As can be seen, the line backs almost up to the entrance to the lobby of the El Morro Theater. 

These are two pieces of the UFO that crashed in Missouri back in 1947.

 A close-up view of Wizard's magick wand. 
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