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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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 Haunted History Tour 

New Orleans

I've been on two ghost tours in the French Quarter:  In June, 2000, Vernon, Robyn and I took the New Orleans Ghost Tour.  This time (June, 2010) Robyn and I took the Haunted History Tour.  

Check Hotel Rates in the French Quarter 

Haunted History Tour meets up at Rev. Zombies' Voodoo Shop on St. Peter Street.  
Our tour guide was Adam--here, the group is in Pirate's Alley where Adam introduces himself and sets the stage for the ghostly stories to come.  

On the other side of St. Louis Cathedral in Pierre Antoine Alley, Adam tells the story of Bloody O'Reilly. 

The group (or "my babies") as Adam would call us--across the street from Madame John's Legacy on Dumaine Street.  Taking photographs was encouraged in the hope that somebody might catch something in the picture 

Robyn took a series of pictures at Muriel's Restaurant at the corner of Chartres and St. Ann.  This room was a slave-holding area back in the 1800s.  Out of a series of shots, this woman suddenly appeared in one of them.  I call her "ghost woman" because it was creepy to surf through all of the shots and suddenly see her in one, and in not any of the others. 

The half-way point and fifteen-minute break for the tour took place at Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop at Bourbon and St. Phillip Streets.  You have to love the concept of being able to buy a hurricane in a plastic cup and sipping on it while touring the Quarter listening to ghost stories!   
The ghost tour at the Lalaurie Mansion--the most haunted house in New Orleans.  Adam explains how actor Nicolas Cage owned the house for a couple of years and would greet the ghost tours every night when he was home.  Cage also provided a few embellishments such as a sign and several fake skeletons here and there (which still remain).  Adam said Cage wouldn't allow ghost hunters (like TAPS) into the home out of respect for the ghosts.  

Alas, the ghost tour comes to an end and Adam leaves us at St. Louis Cathedral at about 10:15 at night.  Thanks for the tour, Adam!

Though this photo wasn't taken on the ghost tour, it was taken at the Andrew Jackson Hotel which is thought to be haunted; one of the manifestations is children heard playing in the courtyard.  One night I heard just that (if ever so briefly!).  Robyn grabbed the camera and started taking pictures.  This orb showed up in one of the photos!  The air was so humid, damp and heavy that I feel there is no way this could be a dust particle floating in the air and caught by the flash. 

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