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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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New Orleans
Morgan City
Amelia-Bayou L'Ourse
Franklin-Garden City
Pierre Part
Catahoula-St Martinville

A swamp between Amelia and Thibodaux in the Bayou L'Ourse area in Assumption Parish along Hwy LA 398.  This is a favorite area for free boat-launches. 



Reserve a Nice Room in Houma 

The two great bayous of the region which the Cajuns settled were Bayou Teche, and this bayou, Bayou Lafourche.  This photo was taken near Thibodaux.   (Pronounched "Lafoosh.") 
Bayou Black narrows and gets smaller as it nears the city of Houma in Terrebonne Parish.  
An old drawbridge crossing a bayou near Houma.  The city was named after the Houma Indians--who don't have a reservation because their population no longer has a pure-enough bloodline to be classified as full Indians. 
Plantations Country
These thumbnail photos were originally part of another website called "The Beauty of Louisiana" created in the late '90s .  The website is still up--however, only the thumbnail pictures remain--the large photos have been lost, unfortuantely.
The first two pictures are of Laura Plantation in Vacherie, home of the "Br'er Rabbit" tales.  The plantation is located on LA 18 along the Mississippi River.  The second picture is a cabin that used to function as slave quarters.  The other pictures are of the Mississippi River at Vacherie at water level--the first is looking south towards New Orleans, and the other is looking north.   





The Historic District of Thibodaux--patterned after the French Quarter in New Orleans with narrow streets and Spanish-style grillwork.