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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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Last Stop
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Last Stop--White Hills

About 30 miles south of Hoover Dam on Highway 93 is a nostalgic reststop called the Last Stop.  The Last Stop, in White Hills, recalls those fun road-side attractions along Route 66 and other old highways that are growing more rare.  The Last Stop, a restaurant, gas station, convenience store, and saloon is delightfully decorated  with murals.  The paintings are the artwork of Dan Louden.   



Reserve a Great Room in Las Vegas 

On the south-side of the building are two murals--the Hoover Dam with the new By-Pass Bridge ....  
..... and a black & white depiction of Area 51, with a flying saucer and aliens.  

This is a wider-view of both murals. 

On the west-side of the building near the entrance is another mural with a variety of images--such as the Terminator, the Blues Brothers, ghost riders, Harry the Big Foot (from Harry & the Hendersons) and others. 
On the hot drive to Las Vegas (or, if headed in the other direction, to Kingman), keep a lookout for the Last Stop and pull-in and admire Dan Louden's artwork--have some lunch, a drink, and a little rest before heading on your way.