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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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Two Guns
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The Boundary Cone located between Bullhead City and Oatman--seen here from Boundary Cone Rd (which, eventually turns into Route 66). 



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The Boundary Cone as seen from Needles Hwy.


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This way to Oatman along Route 66! 
 Going back in time .... 
 Route 66 heading into Oatman. 
Gil making new friends in Oatman on his brithday trip in July, 2009.  

Here I am with an ass--someone might get confused as to who is which?

The Olive Oatman Restaurant and Saloon--named for the young girl for which the entire town is named. 
 Looking down the street ... 
 Looking up the street .... 
Volcanic mountains near Oatman. 
Route 66 as it runs through Sitgreaves Pass--looking towards Laughlin, NV in the distance.  
The view looking from Sitgreaves Pass towards Kingman--Thimble Mountain is to the left. 
A zoom photo of Laughlin from Route 66 about a mile outside of Oatman.  The dark buildings are the old power plant (which is to be dismantled) and Harrah's Laughlin. 


The Oatman Gatekeeper met us on the road just outside of town when Robyn and I visited Oatman on August 10, 2010;  he demanded a toll:  One carrot.

 But, we didn't have a carrot, so we crashed the gate!  

Later when in town, we found a store that sold bags of carrots for $1.00.  Being law-abiding citizens (sometimes), we returned to the edge of town to pay the toll, but the gatekepper was gone--he had left his post!  So, somebody else got his carrot.  


This baby burro made friends with Robyn.  The little sign on his head cautions visitors to not feed the baby any carrots.  


The baby liked getting his head scratched.  


The baby decided to hang-out with Robyn and watch the Oatman Outlaws have their gunfight in the street. 

A few times I found myself at the hind-end of a burro--I quickly moved! 
The famous Oatman Hotel, estalbished in 1902--and allegedly haunted. 
On this trip, I wanted to go into the haunted Oatman Hotel; up until a few years ago, the place still functioned as a hotel--but today, it is closed; nobody is allowed up the stairs.  As the sign indicates, Clark Gable and Carole Lombard frequented the establishment. Robyn wanted to take a photo up the stairs on the hope of catching an image of Oatie, the Ghost.  We were told by the woman who ran a shop in the lobby that the owner is planning to refurbish the second floor and put in a bar. 

Here is the info on Oatie the Ghost. 

Reno, one of the Oatman Outlaws--takes aim at me while I shoot a picture of him.  
"Big Box" and Reno argue about who is going to take the risk of robbing the bank!  

As "Big Box" lamented--"They don't make banks like they used to ...".  He added that ATM stands for "All The Money".  He tried holding the machine up, but it wouldn't had any money over.

"Big Box" had to settle for robbing the ice cream parlor instead!  
With a burro meandering through the scene, "Big Box" and Reno have a disagreement over who is going to have control over the loot.  
"Big Box" lays the bag of money in the street and they will draw for it!    


Reno came out on the losing side.  

"Big Box" after the gunfight just outside of Olive Oatman's Restaurant.  
My son Vernon (on the right) and his friend John in Oatman during our Laughlin trip in March, 2012. 

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