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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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Haunted History Tour
Old Town Ghost Tour
Haunted Vegas Tour
Winchester Mystery House

Ghost Tour of Old Town


Annette giving the ghost tour mascot a hug just before our tour through Old Town on Halloween night in 2009,  



Reserve a Room in Albuquerque 

David, our tour guide, tells about Sarah Ruiz haunting the Church St. Cafe. 

David looks phantom-like walking down the alley while the rest of us hear the story of Scarlett, the prostitute who haunts the Covered Wagon.


Annette enjoys the last few bits of the Scarlett story while at the intersection of San Felipe St. and Old Town Rd.


Ghost tour guide Jessica leads the way down Old Town Rd.  Our guide relates at this point that, though Old Town is indeed historic, most of the buildings were originally in Victorian-design and the city "pueblo-ized" it during the '60s to turn it into a tourist attraction!


David and Jessica looking like ghosts themselves while telling the story of the Hatchet Lady in the Hacienda Plaza. 

Inside La Capilla de Nuestra de Senora Guadalupe ("haunted chapel" for short) while hearing about the Lady in Black who allegedly haunts this building.  Meanwhile, an "orb" shows up in my photograph in the upper left part of the photo near the arch.  It is a ghost?  Or is it dust? 

The end of the ghost tour at the haunted chapel.


On a later outing (November 7, 2009), Robyn and I retraced the ghost tour route and took more pictures:  in this photo, an orb appears just right of the fireplace opening.  This is the Hatchet Lady setting.


Back in the haunted chapel, the photo comes out a little blurry however three orbs are visible over the candle holder on the far wall.  Again, specks of dust or spirits?  I have my own idea as to what constitutes "ghosts"--that is shared elsewhere on this website.



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