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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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Palm Canyon

(Palm Springs)

The beauty of Palm Canyon begins long before reaching the parking area to the trailhead.  I lived in the Palm Springs area from 1972 to 1977 and had hiked many mountains and trails, but for some reason, had never gone into Palm Canyon.  In fact, I had been on the trails in the hills in the background of this photo--and as you can see, Palm Canyon wasn't that far away._+++++++++++++++++++


Reserve a Room in Palm Springs 

This is a such a cool passage the road goes through! 

 Here is a look from the other side. 

The view of Palm Canyon from the parking area on the hill.  Palm Canyon is part of the Agua Caliente  Reservation. 


In the other direction from the previous photo, the view of Palm Springs from the parking area.  Because they are so big, a few of the white turbines of the windmill farm are visible in the distance. 


I've lived in several desert areas durng my life, but Palm Springs was the only place where I've ever seen a live rattlesnake ... and up-close and natural.  It was in my front yard--we lived up against the desert hills!  Robyn and I didn't see any rattlesnakes in Palm Canyon during this trip.   

 Me and Palm Canyon ... for the very first time!  Better late than never. 

The little trail that leads into the canyon starts a couple of hundred feet above the palms.  This is a look down into the area where we will be going.

 A look back up the trail we just came down. 
One of the first views that we enjoyed once we reached the floor of the oasis. 

Robyn amongst the palms. 

One of the pools fed by the underground springs. 
An amazing view--in the foreground it is so lush and green--and in the background, dry, barren desert. 

A pretty neat stretch of exposed strata. 


The Agua Caliente's are part of the Cahuilla Indians.  The Indian Canyons area is their historic, cultural and spiritual home.  Here is a scene of the types of shelters their ancestors lived in. 


With a little imagination, one could forget that you're in the desert, and could easily think you're ona tropical island!


A rock outcrop among the palms that I felt worthy of a picture. 


Sitting among the palms for a rest, I looked up and saw this awesome sight! 


This one palm tree is striving to reach the sunlight in whatever way it can--twisting and turning among its bigger brothers.


Another view of the twisting palm--a testament to how resolved life is to make a foothold and thrive.  To quote the movie Jurassic Park, "Nature will find a way."


The sign pointing the way to the different trails.  On this trip, due to time limitations, we only walked-in about a mile or so.  Finding adventure on the other trails will be for our upcoming visits to Palm Springs! 


Kind of an interesting stretch we found ourselves on. 



Another lush scene--this about a mile into the canyon along Palm Canyon Creek. 

Some young palm upshoots framing the trail. 

Three palms springing from the same source. 

 The trail begins getting a little rocky. 
Careful Robyn!  

Another one of those views that makes me think of a tropical island.


This is something that I had never seen before in real life--water bubbling up out of the ground .... a spring. 

One last look at Palm Canyon before we left.  I will definitely be coming back for more explorations--something that I neglected to do when I was younger! 

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