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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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My Personal Sightings


Morgan City, LA:  At Mardi Gras, 1998, I was leaving the studios of KBZE-FM Radio on Victor II Blvd near dusk and for some reason, I looked up into the sky, and saw directly overhead a strange blue and white object that looked like a top (an old children's toy); the thing was blue on the bottom and white on the top--there were no lights and it was completely quiet.  My first thought was it was a large balloon, however, I saw no tether ... nor did it move.  During the five minutes I looked at it, the object did not move at all.  My children drew my attention from the object and later, when I looked up to watch it some more, it was gone.  I don't know how high it was, but my guess was at least  500 to 1000 feet.


New Mexico Desert:  During the Summer of 2004, I pulled overtime duty as a security guard watching rail equipment sitting on spurs along BNSF tracks in the middle of the desert; usually I did these watches during the night; a train would go by about every 15 minutes except for a period of about an hour and a half around 3 in the morning when the whole train system would shut down.  One night (aroundt 2 to 3 AM during this "quiet time"), along a spur about 20 miles west of Los Lunas, I was sitting in my car--tired of reading; I turned off my reading light andI closed my eyes for a moment.  When I opened them, I was surprised to see an orange ball of light, about a foot in diameter, bouncing across the hood of my car--it bounced two or three times and it was gone!  The night air was damp and there were thunderstorms in the vicnity--I realized what I saw was ball lightning!  It was very spooky--being all alone at night in the desert--and seeing something like this!


Nevada Desert (near Area 51):  On October 26, 2011, I was driving with Robyn on State Route 375 (the Extraterrestial Highway) making our way to the Little A'le'inn in Rachel.  We were about 15 miles north of Ash Springs.  It was at twilight--I noticed to my left (about where I suspected Area 51 to be located on the other side of a mountain range) a bright orange light; it appeared stationary (to the best of my ability to observe it while driving).  The light would be very bright--and then get dim--and then become bright again--doing so slowly--over and over.  The road was narrow with no place to stop, so I kept driving and looking out the driver's side window.  Soon, the road began to wind through mountains and I lost sight of the orange light--it was gone when I had my next unobstructed view.