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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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Personal Proverbs 


Moderation is the Wisdom of Life.


Be aware of the results of every action taken; tributary repercussions.


Observe Nature and appreciate its harshness and cruelty.


Nature is objective and is beyond such qualities as "good" and "evil"; culture is subjective and denotes what is "good" and "evil".

Ethics should be situational:  do what circumstances allow or require.


Rigidity results in breakage:  the reed that bends with the wind will survive longer.


Belief produces an irrational, closed-mind based on groundless faith and hope:  do not believe.


Live life for its own reward and not for the reward of a presumed afterlife.


The wrong approach can still lead to the desired result:  success is involuntary.


Learn to accomodate a high degree of ambiguity and uncertainty in life.


There is no belief, no principle, no policy, and no government worth dying for.


Death is the condition of the "Holy"--strive to remain among the profane.


There is no "free will" or choice.


Unconsciousness is the highest form of consciousness.


Non-existence is the true state of reality.


There is no real "evil"--only insanity.


The gifted individual enjoys many instances of Synchronicity.


Awareness while praying and meditating is the practice of self-deception.


Sacredness is a condition of being scared.


The Soul of the World is unconsciousness; it is the Collective Unconscious.


Magic is a natural outflow from the gifted person.


The approach should be through individuation, not individualism.


Survival is Salvation; he who endures to the end will survive; endure like the reed.


The "unholy" and "holy" are the same condition:  both result in separation from community.


Do not trust everyone--and use interpretation with care.


The Soul of the World is Life and the origin of Life.


The Ultimate Source is Nothing.


Knowledge and Understanding come through experience and discipline.


Do not force revelations to conform to expectations.


Do not force events--allow them to happen or unfold.


Wisdom is found through the Abyss of struggle, sacrifice and suffering:  crisis.


A few moments of pleasure are not worth a lifetime of despair.


Loneliness is one of the hardest experiences to bear; rejection a test of self-worth.


Ability does not always succeed with opportunity.


Sometimes the lamp runs out of oil before a man sees the light.


If a man wants a decent woman, he must first become a decent man.


Finding love is all about how well one takes rejection.


If you can find happiness within yourself, then you'll be able to find it in other places.


Before there was Knowledge, there was nothing unknown.


Invest in Excellence.  


To literalize is to demonize. 



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