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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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Plains of San Agustin
It seems the Plains of San Agustin were meant for an extra-worldly fate.  The plains, located about 50 miles west of Socorro, are well-known for the Very Large Array (seen here); the plains are also known as the location of an alleged UFO crash site back in 1947.  

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Found about 25 miles south of Hwy 60 on NM 12 (35 miles southwest of the VLA), the community of Horse Springs is a small village located not far from the alleged UFO crash site (about a mile distant).  This view is looking northward along NM 12.  The story goes that the UFO that crashed here was part of the Roswell UFO crash (the main crash site which is about 150 miles to the east).  Barney Barnett, who lived in Socorro and worked for the water district that included the Plains of San Agustin, happened upon this crashed ship with dead and dying aliens lying about.  Gerald Anderson (who was a child at the time) also states he saw the craft with family members while out rock hunting.  And a university archeological team doing a dig at a nearby cave saw the craft come down during the previous night and went out searching for the wreckage the following day. Then the military arrived.


Looking southward into Horse Springs.  Many recognizable names in the UFO research field have been down this road:  Stanton Friedman, Don Schmitt, Kevin Randle, Tom Carey, Art Campbell, Chuck Wade, Gerald Anderson, and Frank Kimbler (just to name a few).   UFO researchers are divided over whether a flying saucer crashed near here in 1947.  Friedman is one who has been a proponent for another crash partially based on the story of Gerald Anderson, who reportedly had been a witness of the actual downed vehicle complete with dead and injured aliens.  Campbell and Wade have done archeological digs at the site, retrieving strange pieces of debris and artifacts.  Meanwhile, Schmitt, Carey and Randle are convinced that the Plains of San Agustin are nothing more than the scene of a UFO hoax.

Not having the precise location of the alleged crash site, this was about as close as I could get while visiting Horse Springs on March 22, 2014.  This photo does provide a good idea of the type of terrain found on the Plains of San Agustin.  This picture was taken about a quarter mile south of Horse Springs. 

This photo is from the same location as above, however looking to the left.


Pumps at an old gas station located along NM 12 at Horse Springs.


A view of the Plains of San Agustin a few miles north of Horse Springs.  An interesting story (set in 1947) related by Art Campbell tells of a rancher finding a strange-looking "child" one evening, wandering near the roadway along NM 12, appearing traumatized and in shock.  The rancher stopped to help the "child", who would not speak.  He took the person home, cleaned it up, tried to give it something to eat and drink (which it wouldn't accept), and then made a bed for it to rest.  The rancher and his wife went to sleep; when they awoke the next morning, the "child" was gone.