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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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63rd Anniversary of the Roswell UFO Crash

Roswell UFO Festival
July 1-4, 2010

This little guy is near the entrance to the International UFO Museum in downtown Roswell.  Gil, Robyn and I attended the last day of the Roswell UFO Festival (July 4)--it was the first-ever time that I gone inside the museum--and the first time I ever went to the UFO festival.  We drove to the museum first becaus we knew where it was located, but as it turned out, most of the day's activities were happening there, anyway.  The museum used to be free admission and depended on donations--but now charges a $5 entrance fee--which is very reasonable, in my view. 


Book Your Room in Roswell, NM 


Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman--one of the most reputable and recognizable celebrities in the UFO research field today.  Stanton Friedman's website is:


Stanton Friedman giving a lecture in the UFO Museum's Video Room entitled, "Stephen Hawking, SETI and Science". 

Finding this lady was one of several wonderful surprises--she is Kathleen Marden, the niece of Betty Hill.   Betty and Barney Hill's story of missing time and abduction while driving on a lonely New England road in 1962 is documented in the John G. Fuller book, The Interrupted Journey--one of my favorite (and most chilling!) UFO books  

Ms. Marden has co-written a couple of books with Stanton Friedman:  Captured!  The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Eperience and Science was Wrong:  Startling Truths about Cures, Theories and Inventions "They" Declared Impossible.  Ms. Marden's website is:


Discovering actress Adrienne Barbeau at the UFO Festival was my greatest surprise!  I've been a fan of Ms. Barbeau since the 1970s ever since she starred in the television series, Maude--and a number of movies sinceAdrienne Barbeau, along with Julian Sands, were guest celebrities at this year's UFO Festival.

Having my picture taken with Adrienne Barbeau was worth the whole trip to Roswell!  My day was done and complete--I would go home happy!  (Note to Self:  Don't ever wear an old, faded T-shirt again in public--you NEVER know who you're going to meet!!!!)   

Wow ... I still can't believe that I got to meet Adrienne Barbeau!!  I lost all interest in aliens and UFO festivals after that!  Gil and Robyn got tired of me talking about her all the way back home!!!   


Gil, too, had his picture taken with Adrienne Barbeau.  If I remember right, I think he feels meeting her was worth the entire trip to Roswell, as well! 

Thomas Carey and Don Schmidt at the UFO Festival.  Carey is a famous UFO Researcher and has conducted investigations for the Mutual UFO Network and for the past two decades, has focused on the Roswell crash.  Schmidt has co-written UFO Crash at Roswell and The Truth of the UFO Crash at Roswell with Kevin Randle (to which Carey also contributed).   
  A scene depicted from the 1994 Showtime-produced movie, Roswell. 

In the Roswell crash story, one of the aliens from the crashed saucer was still alive! 

New Mexico is a UFO hotspot!  There have been crashes, landings or alleged alien activity in Aztec, Roswell, Dulce, and as can be seen in this display at the UFO Museum, Socorro!  Lonnie Zamora (who passed away in November, 2009), was a New Mexico police officer who sighted the landing of an egg-shaped craft just south of the city of Socorro in April, 1964.  Zamora was on-duty and his sighting is one of the best-documented, ever. 
The old Roswell Municipal Airport where, at Cielo Grande Recreation Area, some of the Roswell UFO Festival was taking place.  
At the time we showed up, an Elvis impersonator was performing on stage.  

Part of the Festival activities at Cielo Grande park.  We were curious why the UFO Festival wasn't held completely downtown near the UFO Museum?  Closing off Main Street and making downtown a street festival--complete with rides, midway, food booths and music venues, seemed like a great idea!  One vendor told us that in the past, that is exactly how the festival was held. 



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