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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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Salton Sea
North Shore

The Salton Sea--looking from the almost-dead community of North Shore across to the western shore; meanwhile, a pelican floats in the briny water. 


Reserve a Room in Palm Springs 

The salt-encrusted shore--loaded with thousand of dead fish and barnacles. 


Mt. San Jacinto and Mt. San Gorgonio are seen in the far distance from center to center-right in the photograph; Palm Springs is at the foot of Mt. San Jacinto--about 50-miles away.


A flock of pelicans on the sea.


Abandoned businesses in North Shore.  Recollections of better times when people saw the Salton Sea as a resort area. 

 Robyn looking out at the sea.  Engineers are planning some major changes to the sea in the next few years. 

Pelicans floating in a little marina inlet. 


This picture was taken October 25, 2009--and despite it being Fall, the temperature was at least 100-degrees at the water's edge. 


People fishing off a jetty--proof that there is still life in the Salton Sea! 


Not far from North Shore are date gardens--these trees are fairly young.   


Another date garden on the northern edge of the Salton Sea. 

Robyn trying not to sink too deeply into the briny muck. 


Salton City

On the western shore of the Salton Sea (along Highway 86) is the community of Salton City.  Unlike North Shore, Salton City appears to be thriving.  These photos were taken almost a year later from those in North Shore--October 16, 2010.  Along with inhabited neighborhoods, land for new homes was prominently advertised on billboards.


People still live in Salton City, but resorts are still dead. The next few photos were taken at such a place--no buildings were extant, but old parking areas and curbing were in place.  In this picture, sea birds are flocking at the entrance of an inlet that appeared to be a marina.  The Chocolate Mountains are in the background on the eastern side of the sea.


More seabirds flocked together in the shallows. 


Dead palms are in abundance at the Salton Sea. 

 The inlet that once may have functioned as a marina. 

The Chocolate Mountains visible about 15-miles away on the other side of the sea.

 Just a photo of me to document that I was there.  

Robyn at Salton City.


More mature date palm orchards are located on this side of the Salton Sea--about 20-miles north of Salton City.


These date palm orchards are similar to the ones that used to line Highway 111 between Palm Desert and Indio--sadly, most if not all appear to have become the victims of urban development.  Again, these are located about 20-miles north of Salton City.

 Baby date palms getting a start on life. 


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