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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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Socorro Landing--April 24,1964

(Officer Lonnie Zamora)

In 1964, one of the most interesting and media-covered UFO events happened in Socorro involving police officer Lonnie Zamora.  While in pursuit of a speeding vehicle at about 5:45 PM, Sgt. Zamora was distracted by a loud roar and flash of flame in the sky to the southwest.  Zamora broke off pursuit and headed to the area to investigate.  Driving up a rugged dirt road and down into a ravine, Zamora saw to his amazement a silver, oval-shaped craft about the size of a mid-sized car.  In this photo, I'm standing in the middle of four small rock circles that appear to mark where the landing struts of the UFO touched the ground.



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Zamora first thought he was looking at a car that had been stood on end (indicating the oval or egg-shape craft was vertical in alignment and not horizontal as depicted in numerous artist renderings.)  Alongside of the craft stood two small occupants. The humanoids appeared startled by Zamora's approach; Zamora was just as startled. The craft soon lifted off; there are reports that other witnesses also saw the UFO.   In this photo, a close-up of one of the rock circles.  
Officers from nearby White Sands Missile Range, the FBI, and astronomer J. Allen Hynek (a Project Blue Book consultant for the Air Force's UFO investigative unit) interviewed Zamora and visited the landing site.  Hynek is reported to have called the case "the Rosetta Stone" with such an unimpeachable witness as Officer Zamora, and physical trace evidence that included burns on the ground from the craft and V-shaped footpad marks.  Another view of where the UFO was said to have touched down. 
Timothy Good in Above Top Secret relates that a rock embedded with flecks of metal from one of the craft's landing pads was also found; it was sent for analysis with no official results released.  In this picture, Gil is standing in the center of the stone circles. 
Looking northward at the landing site (center of picture) down the ravine into Socorro. 
A monument spillway built in early 2012 comemmorating the Lonnie Zamora UFO incident. 
A better view of the mural showing  
This monumemt is located several hundred yards from the landing site. 
Additional information about the Lonnie Zamora story.  
The date of the incident.  
The lifespan of Lonnie Zamora.  
This view looking southwest is the direction in which the craft flew off.  Part of the old dirt road can been seen.  
This photo was taken on December 11, 2011 during our first trip to locate the landing site.  As flame erupted from the UFO with a loud roar, Zamora became frightened that the object might explode and ran about fifty-feet behind his car (stopped on this road) and hid along the rise in the background as the UFO took off.  Zamora passed away on November 2, 2009. 


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