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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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Spiritual Movies

Spiritual Movies



Fiddler on the Roof: Provides a great example of the stifling nature of "tradition" and how change is necessary in order for spirituality and relationships to be free and fully alive; an artistic comment on prejudice and bigotry.


Pleasantville:  Another example of how "traditions" result in closed minds; another excellent commentary on prejudice and bigotry.


The Thin Red Line: A World War II picture that examines the harshness of reality; the terror of life and what man can do to man.  If you pay close attention, you will hear metaphyiscal and magickal terms and phrases interspersed throughout the dialogue.  [By the way,  the movie possibly gets its name from a sentence found in one of the books of the Christian Apocrypha, while also referring to the line of the "front" on a battle map.]


Apocalypse Now (also Apocalypse Now:  Redux):  A Vietnam War movie which examines the insanity of life and war; which reflects on the duality of Genius and insanity.  Col. Kurtz, at the end, repeats several times during his dying breath, "The Horror!":  he is referring to the horror--the TERROR--that is life.  The Redux edition has an extra 50-minutes or originally excised footage that has been reinserted.


American Beauty: An extremely beautiful movie that revels in a number of different topics; the Mid-Life Crisis, society's sexual taboos, the harhness and rigidity of life and mentalities (especially in that which is found in relationships), the Beauty of Simplicity, the question of what constitutes "sanity", and much more.  [This is my favorite movie].


The Last Temptation of Christ:  An intriguing fictional account of Jesus' ministry loosely based on the Gospels; it shows the complexity of the Jesus character as he transforms and morphs through different approaches and philosophies; reveals Jesus to be a sexual man (and there is nothing wrong with that if he is truly to be represented as a human being!); provides an interesting dream sequence during the crucifixation in which Jesus' "Holy Guardian Angel" manifests to rescue him.


Field of Dreams:  This movie is about daimons; their influence through providing inspiration and daimonic occurrences which are forms of communication.  The emotion that this movie evokes is the experience sought from watching it.  And there really was a "Moonlight Graham"!


The Mothman Prophecies: An extremely accurate depiction of how daimons can manifest and behave.  Pay close attention to the issue of "interpretation". 


Click:  The character Morty is a daimon (in the movie, he is identified as the "Angel of Death").  Live life as it comes; don't take it forgranted; get the most out of every moment!  Appreciate being alive!


The Lady in the Water: An important lesson in misinterpretation; and in attempting to be something that one is not--In religion, all-too-often, people set themselves up as spokespeople for God without any clue into the Nature of that concept. 


The Big Kahuna:  That which is authentic doesn't need a salesman's pitch, a testimonial, or a gimmick.  Life experience creates character; a person's agenda reduces that individual to nothing more than a "marketing rep".



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