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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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Very Large Array

The Very Large Array located on U.S. 60 on the Plains of San Agustin about fifty-miles west of Socorro. 



Reserve a Room in Socorro, NM 

There are 27 dishes, each with a diameter of 82-feet; they roll on tracks that array in a Y-formation that stretches 13-miles across.  In this photo, the dishes are all bunched up together. 

The VLA is at an elevation of 6,970 feet.  Movie watchers may have noted that parts of the 2009 Terminator:  Salvation were filmed at the Very Large Array. 

Here I am braving the freezing cold on a February afternoon in 2007; the marker is located not far from the entrance of the VLA.  The Plains of San Agustin are also reputed to be the location of a second UFO crash site in 1947--Barney Barnett of Socorro, working for the Water District doing surveying, allegedly happened across the crashed craft with both live and dead aliens. 

The same historical marker--looking a bit newer--in January, 2004. 



One of the independent antennas which weighs 230 tons.



Chauntel and Toby freezing at the VLA.

Everybody is "toughing out" the cold; the wind chill was excruciating.  Here, Robyn, Toby (the dog) and Chauntel with the control center in the background. 
In this picture from January, 2004, the dishes were far a part--the array crossed U.S. 60 and spread for miles. 


An antenna eclipses the sun.

In this photo from March 22, 2014, the dishes are spaced far apart, spreading across the plains. 

Looking down the railroad tracks to one of the spurs where a dish is positioned.

The Bracewell Radio Sundial. 

A display showing how dishes collect and amplify information.  One person can whisper softly in one of the dishes, while another can hear what is being said very loudly and clearing with an ear up against the other dish.


Shiva:  Shiwana:" by artist Jon Barlow Hudson.  The sculpture represents the three-arrayed tracks of the VLA and the three-dimensional aspect of the research carried out at the site.


The dishes spread out for miles on the Plains of San Agustin.



On the road back to Albuquerque;  this is on U.S. 60 near Magdalena at sunset.  



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