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"You can hold your breath until you're blue in the face, but they'll go on doing it."--Marcus Aurelius
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Galaxy Fest 2012

(65th Anniversary of the Roswell UFO Crash)

Virtually the first person I met upon arriving at the UFO Museum was actress Denise Crosby (who played Lt. Tasha Yar on Star Trek:  The Next Generation and starred in movies like Pet Sematary).    

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Kevin Randle during his lecture "Reflections of a UFO Researcher" which covered how he became interested in UFOs as a child through Sci-Fi movies, his experiences during the Viet Nam War as a helicopter pilot, investigations he has done involving UFOs, and purported hoaxes. 


Roswell citizen Frankie Rowe and I following Randle's lecture.  Frankie's dad was a fireman in Roswell at the time of the UFO crash in 1947; she and her entire family were threatened with death by military officers if they divulged any information about what her father had witnessed and related to them.

The 2012 Abduction Panel which convened on Friday night, June 29.  Seated from left to right:  Kathleen Marden (Betty and Barney Hill's niece); Derrell Sims, an abductee; Yvonne Smith, a hypnotherapist who works with abductees; Steve Pierce--a friend of Travis Walton who was one of the witnesses of Walton's abduction in the White Mountains of Arizona in 1975; and Travis Walton.  
Yvonne Smith and Steve Pierce share a laugh during the Abduction Panel--to the right is Travis Walton. 

In this short video shot during the Abduction Panel, Kathleen Marden talks about why aliens may be visiting the earth; Travis Walton and Derrel Sims discuss how much more advanced the aliens may be than the human race.




 The UFO Museum on Saturday night (with an alien street lamp) during the Galaxy Fest.


Main Street in downtown was closed off for several blocks as booths and a stage were set-up for the Galaxy Fest. 


A shot of the Galaxy Fest on Main Street from in front of the historic Court House.


This neon sign announcing the time the UFO Museum is open receives a lot of attention from visitors who like to have pictures taken with it. 


A band performing Mexican music on a stage in the UFO Museum parking lot. 


Stanton Friedman's lecture in the North Library called "Flying Saucers and Technology."  Friedman joked that every project he worked on was eventually cancelled.


The 2012 Roswell Panel which met in the North Library on Saturday night, June 30.  In this photo from left to right:  David Rudiak (a researcher who is doing digital work on the Ramey memo); Tom Carey and Stanton Friedman.

In this view of the Roswell Panel, seated from left to right:  Don Schmitt; Kevin Randle; Frank Kimbler and David Rudiak.  
A short video during the Roswell Panel discussion:  Don Schmitt talks about the possibility of at least one live alien during the Roswell recovery, and speculates where the alien bodies and UFO wreckage are now stored; David Rudiak talks about his early interests in UFOs and his current digital work on reading the Ramey memo (a document held in the hand of General Roger Ramey during the photo shoot of a destroyed  Rawin target in his Ft. Worth office.) 






The title of Kathleen Marden's lecture in the UFO Museum's Video Room on Sunday morning, July 1.

Kathleen Marden during her lecture (on the screen is a photo of herself with Stanton Friedman).    

David Rudiak giving his lecture in the UFO Museum library regarding his work on reading the Ramey memo.  Rudiak has recovered enough of the text that reveals "crash victims" and the military's orders to send wreckage to Ft. Worth.  In the background is a permanent mural painted by the Roswell High School Art Club of '99.


Myself and David Rudiak as everyone prepares to depart Roswell for the trip home on Monday, July 2.


Building 84 on what used to be the Roswell Army Air Field--it was here the alien bodies and UFO wreckage was taken before being loaed onto airplanes and flown to various locales--including Ft. Worth, Washington DC and Wright-Patterson in Ohio.  Stewart Industries now occupies the structure.  Don Schmitt says one of the company's clients is the CIA.



Ballard Funeral Home on Main Street--where Glenn Dennis worked at the time the Roswell crash occurred.  Dennis was called by the military about how many "child size" caskets did the mortuary have in stock, and wanted information on ways to preserve the dead that wouldn't interfere with analysis during an autopsy.


UFO researcher Don Burleson and I at the 2012 UFO Conference being held at the Roswell Museum of Art.



Burleson during his lecture about Robert Oppenhiemer's involvement with UFO crash recoveries. 



Myself and resarcher Dennis Balthaser at the 2012 UFO Conference at the Roswell Art Museum.  Balthaser's website is: 



Myself and a green alien friend outside the Motel 6 where I stay during the annual Roswell UFO Festival.



My friend of almost 30 years, Gil Davis, came down for Saturday and Sunday's lectures.  Here, Gil is waiting for the start of Schmitt and Carey's lecture about what military generals have admitted knowing about the Roswell crash and subsequent government cover up.



Tom Carey and Don Schmitt during their lecture about what generals have admitted concerning the Roswell crash.


Here I am during a break between lectures in front of the "Aliens Have Landed" display near the UFO researcher's tables near the rear of the UFO Museum.



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